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ICONAT 2024 will be held at Akdeniz University's facilities in Adrasan-Antalya. Adrasan is a touristic region of Turkey known for its natural beauty.

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Akdeniz University European-Mediterranean Youth Education and Recreation Facility is a very comfortable and clean accommodation facility in touch with nature.

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ICONAT 2024 will be held at Akdeniz University European-Mediterranean Youth Training and Recreation Facility. It is also possible to stay at this facility. Therefore, there will be no transportation problem between the accommodation facility and the conference center during the conference. Accommodation prices will be announced later.

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Adrasan is one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Turkey. Adrasan, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists not only with its sea but also with its history and nature, is surrounded by pine trees. The beach of this region, also known as Çavuşköy, is also famous. Adrasan, whose bay length is 2 km, is 95 km away from Antalya center.

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A boat trip will also be organized so that you can get to know Adrasan better.

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